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Reel Action Alaska Lodge Testimonials

Without a doubt one of the greatest trips of my life. Paul and John were wonderfully accommodating throughout the entire trip and acted like friends to me rather than just hired hands. The size and amount of fish I caught throughout the week was INCREDIBLE! Big Silvers and beautiful Rainbows ALL DAY LONG. I will surely try and come back in the future.

- Ben K. 

THE BEST FISHING I EVER HAD!! Fishing is my passion, I have made a career of selling fishing goods and related products, became a guide in the Northeast for stripers and blues, and fish all over North America both fresh and salt, Mexico, Brazil, Bahamas etc. The "Chosen River" surpassed my wildest dreams. Chrome salmon right in from the Bering Sea and rainbows and dollies in gin clear water eating flies as fast as I could get it to them. WOW! Paul and his crew are amazing. His total focus from the time we arrived was on maximizing our fishing experience. Truly the best guide I know. The food is outrageous! The best camp food in Alaska. Doesn't hurt that the chef wrote books on fishing game and camp cooking. The camp was exactly what I wanted. I sit at my desk and travel for a living so to get out and be part of nature and experience Alaska's outdoors was all part of my great adventure. My highest recommendation.

- Carlton S.

Epic fishing!   There are not enough adjectives that can describe the fishing at Paul’s Alaska camp on the Kanektok River.  I was fortunate to be in camp during the beginning of the Silver salmon run.   For the first day on the river, the fish were abundant, healthy and the source of great joy!  Each day we would head out in the morning for silvers.  The action was continuous both subsurface and top water.   It is indescribable when you watch a 10- 15 pound silver come to the surface and “chase” the top water fly toward you as you continue to retrieve the fly.    When my excitement would get the better of my hook set, Paul and Aaron would provide a few quick reminders about how best to make the hook up.  The next retrieve would be rewarded with a clean set and an exciting play and landing.   While catching silvers was tremendous, add amazing trout fishing to the mix and I had the whole Alaskan experience.  In one day, I landed silver, pink and chum salmon, Dolly Varden, and Rainbow trout – all of great size and beautiful.  While the fishing was beyond description, the experience in camp was great.   The food, prepared by John was gourmet.  Wonderful meals both in camp and on the river were delicious.  Whether it was outlining what to bring or making sure the local travel arrangements were made. Paul’s and Steve’s  support and information before the trip was invaluable and timely.  Most of all, the knowledge, skill, and willingness of the guides to provide their clients with the best fishing experience possible made the week in Alaska one for lasting memories.

- Valerie G. 


If you want a "catching" trip rather than a "fishing trip", this is the trip for you! A trip here will spoil you. Great guides, great equipment and more fish than you ever want!

- Brian D. 


Having just completed another bucket list wish trip to Alaska with Reel Action Fly Fishing I'm pleased to say that it was a complete success. All facets of my trip were smoothly taken care of by Reel Action. Accommodations were comfortable and meals were wonderful done by an expert chef with a willing personality. The fishing was everything I had hoped for and more lots of fish with constant action. My guide (Paul Jacob) is one of the rare guides that can read water, determine the right fly to use and how to present them - plus a wealth of knowledge of the area and habitat. I would certainly recommend Reel Action for an Alaskan experience.

- Bill I.

My week at Reel Action Alaska was a fabulous fishing experience. One afternoon, I caught king, silver and chum salmon on four consecutive casts. Another morning my first seven casts resulted in six salmon to hand. During my week, I caught pink, silver, chum and king salmon; rainbows, grayling, and dolly varden. It doesn't get any better. Fishing with a mouse on the Kanektok is like watching the sharks in Jaws. Think of a big mouth coming out of the water a couple of feet from your mouse pattern, rapidly closing on the fly, and engulfing it with a ferocious take. The takes by the chum salmon were especially spectacular. Fishing with Paul Jacob and Reel Action is always a great time. Having fished with Paul for a number of years for steelhead in New York, I can attest that you will have a memorable fish catching experience.

- Gordon G.

Paul works his butt off to put you on fish. No other guide service I have fished with guarentees catching fish, Paul does. No other guide service gives you a CD at the end of the fishing trip, nice touch. Of all the guides I have fished with in 14 years of fishing trips, Paul is # 1. I was able to catch five different species while there. The food was great and the fishing was fantastic. It’s well worth the trip!

- Jack M.


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