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Reel Action Alaska Packing Checklist

Important Items

____Airline Tickets

____Travel Itinerary

____Destination Phone Numbers


Clothing/Camp Gear

____Long Pants (Jeans etc.)

____Long-sleeved shirts/sweaters

____Socks/Warm Socks for on the river

____Underwear & Long Underwear (tops & bottoms)

____Casual Shoes/Sneakers

____Boots/Shoes for wet weather

____Shower Sandals


____Alarm Clock

____Head Lamp/Flashlight (w/batteries)

____Fly Tying Vise/Tools/Materials

____CAMERA (Film/Memory Card, Batteries/Charger)

On the River

____Light Weight Jacket/Fleeces (Things you can layer)

____Warm Outer Jacket

____Two Rain Jackets (Heavy Duty)

____Fleece Tops/Bottoms (for under waders)

____Several Warm Hats/Gloves

____Sunscreen/SPF Lip Balm

____Bug Spray/Head Net

____Fly Rod for Silver Salmon: 9 Foot/8 Weight w/Rio Outbound 8Wt Floating Line

____Fly Rod for Trout/Dolly Varden/Char: 6/7 Weight w/ 7Wt Floating Line

____Any Flies for trout or salmon that you would like to try, although WE WILL PROVIDE ALL FLIES and leader material

____Waders – Breathable are best

____Wading Boots – Rubber Bottoms w/Studs
            (NO Felt)

____Dry bag for your gear on the boat

____Polarized Sun Glasses (VERY IMPORTANT)


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