Lake Erie Steelhead and Browns (East / West of Fredonia, NY)
Lake Ontario Steelhead and Browns (East / West of Rochester, NY)
Fly Fishing Steelhead Alley (Lake Erie Tribs in NY, PA, OH)

October 1, 2013

The Steelhead are here! Entering our local Lake Ontario and Erie tributaries the fall fly fishing season has begun. We have limited availability in the months of October, November and December so please firm up your dates as our trips are first come first serve. These are day trips priced at $250 per angler/day and we target both steelhead and browns on tributaries in NY, PA, and OH. We focus our trips on providing you with a high quality fly fishing experience with attention to detail. Our guides work extremely hard for you and are passionate about providing you with a great trip.

Reel Action has been guiding the tribuatries of Lake Ontario and Erie since 2001. Our guides are full time, licensed and insured for NY, PA, and OH. All our guides are excellent at casting instruction and Paul Jacob is also a certified casting instructor through the Federation of Fly Fishers. We have over 30 years combined fly fishing experience and our guides have traveled from the Great Lakes to Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Bahamas, British Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, India, and Thailand.

We carry high quality equipment like Winston and Sage 7wt 10ft fly rods, G-Loomis and Sage spey rods, and switch rods all for your use. All flies, equipment and tackle are provided along with lunch and digital pictures of your trip. We fish both public and private water having access to locations through agreements with private land owners. All of our trips are strictly catch and release.

We have both a spring and fall fishery here in the Great Lakes. The fall season begins with fresh lake run steelhead coming into both Lake Erie and Ontario tributaries anywhere from late September to early October. These explosive early run fish have been known to peel out your drag fast, leap out of the water, and provide a challenge to even the most experienced anglers. These fish range from 6 to 8lbs of fighting muscle with many pushing 10lbs. As the month of October progresses more and more steehead pile into the tribs leaving a large selection of choices from rivers with 200 ft high cliffs to streams with spectacular scenery filled with steelhead. As we move into November steelhead fishing is fantastic along with a run of brown trout coming in early to mid November. These lake run brown trout are truly special with fish averaging 6 to 8lbs and many caught over 10lbs with some pushing 14 and 15 lbs. As we move through late November the fishing for both browns and steelhead is awesome making it a great month for a combination trip (1 or 2 days steelhead combined with 1 or 2 days brown trout). The Great Lakes is a world class fishery with many opportunities for fly fishing for that fish of a lifetime!

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