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Herman Bain:  Herman Bain has been guiding the waters of Andros for almost 20 years.  Learning to fish from his father, a man who has fished nearly every day of his life, Herman began poling at just five years old and began guiding regularly when he was 26.  In the past, Herman has worked for the well-known Kamalame Cay, a luxury resort off North Andros, but for the last seven years has been an Independent Guide.  Herman and his wife Antoinette own the First and Last Stop, a small market in Bowen Sound and have recently finished building new client accommodations next door.  Herman is an incredibly hard worker who enjoys variety of water and species, so if you go on a guide trip with Herman be prepared to come off the water late and have a blast while you are out.  Herman is unbelievably knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. 

Fishing with Herman was one of the highlights of our trip.  Although we were only able to fish with him a half-day, the variety of species we cast to and the different water we saw was incredible – not to mention Herman’s intense energy and enthusiasm that stayed with us long after our trip was over.


Thomas Kee:  Thomas Kee has been guiding the waters of Andros for 15 years.  A self-proclaimed ‘salt-water’ addict, Thomas guides for bonefish, permit, tarpon and barracuda.  Thomas has worked for Stafford Creek and Tranquility Hill Lodges, as well as Flamingo Cay Rod and Gun Club.  Now an Independent Guide, Thomas covers from the Joulters on the north end of the island through to Red Bay on the West side, the Fresh Creek area and south to the waters of the North Bight.  While Thomas prefers fly fishing he will also guide clients with a spinning rod and can provide bait if needed.  In his spare time Thomas spends every possible day he can on the water, constantly exploring and learning new fish behavior and tendencies.  Thomas is a patient, hard working guide who loves every minute of his job and helping people have the best day possible.


Benry Smith:  Benry Smith has been in the Sports Fishing business for over 29 years, 15 of which he spent working with his father, the legendary Charles ‘Crazy Charlie’ Smith.  He has also worked at Stafford Creek Lodge with his brother Prescott, but is now an Independent Guide.  While fly fishing is his passion and preference, he will also guide people with spinning rods.  An experienced Androsian guide, Benry covers the entirety of Andros – the tide, weather and his client’s preference dictating where he’ll fish for the day.  Guiding for tarpon, bonefish, permit and barracuda, Benry is an exceptionally professional, hardworking and personable guide.  He is also an excellent fly caster and a patient instructor, often giving casting lessons during the day. 


Philip Rolle:  Phillip Rolle is a Certified Bahamian Fly Fishing Guide who was born and raised Androsian.  Phillip’s years of experience on the Andros waters have made him a knowledgeable, patient and personable guide, always ready to help the beginner and to challenge the advanced anglers with introducing them to the elusive “gray ghost” of the Joulters’ Cays.  A certified PADI dive master and PADI naturalist, Phillip is quick to help you identify the marine and birdlife you encounter on your day trips.  Highly recommended by experts in the field, his warm sense of humor will have you coming back for more. 

We have had the pleasure of fishing with Philip on several occasions and will definitely go back for more.  On the water with Phillip is like fishing with a friend you’ve known for years.  He has a great sense of humor and an insatiable love for what he does that can’t help but be infectious.    


Elias Griffin:  Elias Griffin is a quiet family man who knows where the fish are and how to take you to them.  A Lowe Sound son who learned from the masters, Elias has worked for several of the leading Bonefish lodges on Andros.  His kind, sensitive style is perfect for the beginning angler as well as the more discerning advanced angler.

Once during our trip with Elias, Paul was in the midst of battle with a 7 foot Lemon shark and the fly-line backing snapped.  Without hesitation, Elias hopped in the water, chased after the shark (which was still trailing the fly-line and backing), managed to catch up with it and come back to the boat where he re-fed the line through the guides, re-tied the backing together and then watched as Paul successfully landed the shark!  A quiet man Elias may be, but he is also an excellent and dedicated guide.   

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