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Location:  Mount Pleasant Bonefish Lodge is located on a beautiful white sand beach on the east side of Andros near Andros Town.   

Time of Year:  October through June.

Target Species:  Bonefish.


Fishing:  As one of the few Do-It-Yourself (non-guided) fishing options anywhere in the Bahamas, Mount Pleasant is truly a unique find.  With access to over ten miles of wadeable flats, it is not uncommon to see hundreds of bonefish each day – most in the 2-5 pound range.  The flats of White Bight are hard bottomed and light in color, making it easier to spot fish and an excellent wade destination.  One of the biggest advantages to this Do-It-Yourself location is that you can fish ANYTIME you want – you can fish before breakfast or after dinner, you can come back for a mid-day nap and then head out again, you can even sleep in and not go out until noon – everything is entirely on your schedule.  A typical day however, is that while you are eating breakfast at the lodge, your lunches are being made.  When you are done with breakfast you can grab your lunch and rod and head out for the day, returning later for a pleasant sit down dinner. 

Other fishing options are available as well.  You can hire a guide for the day and either fish the flats of White Bight, or go elsewhere on the island with a guide and their boat.  This way you get the satisfaction of catching fish on your own and the opportunity of seeing new water with a guide.  Generally however, Mount Pleasant is a great destination for anglers who like fishing on their own.

Trip Packages and Pricing:  Mount Pleasant can accommodate reservations for any length of stay. 

Lodging and Fishing Options


Non-Guided Package

$210 Per Person/Per Day (Double Occupancy)
$235 Per Person/Per Day (Single Occupancy)

Wade Fishing Guide

$225 Additional Per Day (1 or 2 Anglers)

Flats Boat Guide

$475 Additional Per Day (1 or 2 Anglers)

Lodge Facility and Accommodations:  With a maximum capacity of 10 anglers, Mount Pleasant is situated in an ideal location.  Set back about 50 feet from the clear waters and white sands of the Atlantic Ocean, there are 4 duplex cottages and a main lodge which includes a small bar, outside patio and a dining area where breakfast and dinner are served.  Two of the cottages have two bedrooms each, one with two queen size beds, and one with two twin size beds.  The other two cottages have 1 bedroom with two double size beds.  All of the cottages include a small kitchenette, a private bath, air-conditioning, a common area for lounging and socializing, as well as a fresh water spigot for rinsing off salty gear.  The staff at Mount Pleasant are gracious and accommodating, the food (traditional Bahamian and American dishes) is delicious, and the fishing is just steps from your backdoor. 

What’s Included:  The prices listed include all lodging, meals and wading access to the Lodge and White Bight Flats. 

What’s NOT Included:  The prices listed do NOT include airfare to and from Andros Town, taxi service to and from the lodge (about $50 each way + tip), liquor and beverages, tackle or gratuities.

Non-Angling Activities:  Six miles of uninhabited coastline – need we say more?  For those not interested in fishing, or in fishing less often, there is no shortage of beach and water activities – swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, sun bathing or even exploring tide pools during low tide.  Another unique feature at Mt. Pleasant is that they are located very near several blue holes.  Blue holes are small, inland water openings that look very much like a normal pond, however in reality they open way to an extensive underwater cave system, which ultimately leads to the sea.  Scuba diving in these blue holes or elsewhere, can be arranged upon request.      

How to Get There:  From the Andros Town Airport, Mount Pleasant is a short 15-minute taxi ride.  When flying into Andros Town, you have several options.

Continental Airlines operated by Gulfstream International, offers flights from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida into Andros Town on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  To check on the most recent schedules, or to book a trip call 1-800-231-0856.  Their website is  To book a trip online go to

From Nassau, New Providence Island there are twice daily flights (only 15 minutes!) into Andros Town with Western Air.  The flights leave at 7:00am and 4:00pm and return at 7:30am and 4:30 pm respectively.  Reservations with Western Air can be made at 1-242-377-2222.  Their website is  Please note that Western Air ONLY accepts cash for payment.  When checking in with Western Air in Nassau, you will need $140 in cash, either US or Bahamian ($1 US = $1 Bahamian) to pay for your round-trip ticket. 

A third option if you are traveling with a group, is to hire a private charter.  From Ft. Lauderdale, Florida there are many charter companies to work with.  Please contact us for more information.

Last Trip Summary:  We started our day shortly after breakfast, walking the shoreline towards White Bight.  On the way, we spotted a group of about 50 bonefish feeding in a tight circle.  Wading towards the school, we tried to be as quiet as possible.  When I felt the bonefish were within range, I cast my fly letting it land about 10 feet in front of them.  Patiently I waited for the school to move towards my fly and then I gave it a couple little twitches.  Immediately one of the bonefish shot forward and took my fly.  After a great fight I released my fish – a nice 4 pounder. 

We caught up with the school about 15 minutes later and this time it was Andrea’s turn.  After a few casts she caught and released another nice 4-pound bonefish.  The school then dispersed and moved on towards White Bight.  Walking down the shoreline about 1 mile further, we reached the White Bight flats – boy were they beautiful and strikingly white!  With this extremely light color bottom the bonefish were very easy to see, even a hundred yards out.  Over the course of the day, we cast to several schools of bonefish, some of which were very difficult but it made those we did catch, exceptionally rewarding.  By the end of the day, we had all caught fish and had enjoyed the challenge of spotting and catching them on our own.





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