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Location:  The north end of Andros Island in Nichols Town.

Time of Year:  October through July.

Target Species:  Bonefish and Tarpon.

Optional Species:  Permit, Sharks and Barracuda.


Fishing:  What an amazing fishery surrounds North Andros!  Covering the entirety of the Joulters Cays, as well as the west side, Phillip Rolle and his guides know these waters intimately.  Comprised of hundreds of islands, flats and channels, the water is mostly ankle to knee deep and has hard, white sandy bottoms making it an excellent area for wading.  A typical day will have you casting to multiple schools of bonefish averaging 3-5 pounds, while the larger 7-10 pound fish will be alone or in small groups.  Over the course of the day as the tides and water temperatures change, the guides will take you from island to island, constantly putting you on new productive water.  The Joulters also offers ample opportunity for sharks and barracuda – truly a blast to catch on the fly rod.  With these toothy critters roaming the flats, it is always a good idea to have an extra rod rigged up as you never know when the opportunity will present itself.

 Another option if the weather and wind direction are right, is to fish the west side (Red Bays to Williams Island), which is home to larger bonefish, tarpon and permit.  (For tarpon and permit we recommend the warmer time of year April through July.)     

The guides of North Andros work with all levels of angling ability.  They are excellent instructors and are patient, knowledgeable, safe and fun, putting in long days on the water.  What more could you ask for?   

Trip Packages and Pricing:  North Andros Fly Fishing accommodates reservations for any length of stay.  With its proximity to Nassau, it makes for an ideal day trip, however the quality and variety of fishing lends itself to a full week long trip. 

Package Length

Two Anglers - 1 Guide

Single Angler

3 Night/Two Days Fishing



4 Nights/3 Days Fishing



5 Nights/4 Days Fishing



6 Nights/5 Days Fishing



7 Nights/6 Days Fishing



8 Nights/7 Days Fishing



Lodge Facility and Accomodations:  North Andros Fly Fishing accommodates up to 6 anglers in a spacious three bedroom, two bath cottage.  Each room has two double beds.  The cottage is air-conditioned, has satellite TV and a full kitchen.  Delicious home cooked meals are served in the privacy of your own cottage.  In the morning you will awaken to the smell of fresh coffee and your modified continental breakfast will be waiting.  Your guide will pick you up at the front door and then it’s a short 10-minute drive to Lowe Sound, the jumping off point for fishing the famous Joulters Cays.  After a solid morning of fishing, you’ll pause for a picnic lunch, and when you return in the evening, appetizers and dinner will be served.  After dinner you will meet your guide to discuss the fishing plans for the next day. 

Phillip and Betsy are truly caring, gracious hosts – their cottages are clean, well maintained and while you are in their stead you will lack for nothing.  And did we mention that the cottage is just a two-minute walk to the beach?      

What’s Included:  The prices listed include lodging, guided fishing, all meals and all on-island transportation.

What’s NOT Included:  The prices listed do not include airfare to and from San Andros, gratuities for guides and staff, alcohol or telephone calls. 

Non-Angling Activities:  Besides the beach (sun bathing or snorkeling), this destination does not offer a great deal for the non-angler.  North Andros does provide two bicycles to use, and their taxi driver Alan Russell can be hired for half or full day tours of Andros Island.   

How to Get There:  From San Andros Airport, Nichols Town is a short 15-minute drive.  The best way to reach San Andros is a direct flight from Nassau on Western Air (a mere 15 minute flight!).  Flights leave twice daily at 7:00am and 4:00pm and return to Nassau at 7:30am and 4:30pm respectively.  Reservations with Western Air can be made at 1-242-377-2222.  Their website is  Please note that Western Air ONLY accepts cash for payment.  When checking in with Western Air in Nassau, you will need $140 in cash, either US or Bahamian ($1 US = $1 Bahamian) to pay for your round-trip ticket.

Another way is to catch a charter flight from Nassau to San Andros.  You can usually do this without a reservation and flights are typically in the morning or late afternoon.   The planes carry up to 4 anglers and their gear for about $250.  Seeing the Joulters from the air is something you’ll not soon forget. 

A third option if you are traveling with a group is to hire a private charter from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  From Ft. Lauderdale there are many charter companies to work with.  Please contact us for more information.    

A fourth option is to go by ferry from Potters Cay in Nassau, to Morgan’s Bluff on North Andros.  It goes several days a week, and unless there is rough weather, the trip (a couple of hours), can be quite enjoyable.  The number for Bahamas Ferries is 1-242-323-2166 or 242-323-2165 and their website for schedule information is  Be sure if you book to go to North Andros, NOT Fresh Creek.     
Last Trip Summary:  February 2009 – Two wonderful days fishing with Phillip and Elias!

As we headed out into the Joulters we could not have asked for a better day.  It was 84 degrees outside and sunny with not a breath of wind.  As we approached the first island, Phillip gazing out across the flat said, “Now that’s what I like to see – look at all those diamonds!”  The ‘diamonds’ as it turned out were a very good thing and there were hundreds of them!  As Phillip described it, ‘diamonds’ happened when the sunlight reflected ‘just so’ off the bonefishes dorsal fin.  It takes a trained eye to catch this phenomenon, but once we adjusted our eyes a bit it was a beautiful sight.  The bonefish were tailing at the end of the island, so Steve and I got out of the boat and started wading slowly and quietly towards the school.  We each made casts and hooked up immediately.  For the rest of the day this sort of action was repeated, due primarily to Phillip’s intimate knowledge of this vast area.  Later in the day Phillip took us to a great spot for shark and barracuda.  We started fishing with silver poppers and had a blast catching medium sized barracuda – they are certainly aggressive when they want something!  After the barracuda we put on a foot long bite tippet and fished a large deceiver pattern for sharks. I hooked up with a nice Lemon shark but lost it, after which Steve tried his luck.  As it turned out, his was a little better and he ended up catching and releasing a 5-foot Lemon shark.  What an amazing end to the day!

The following day Andrea and I went out with Elias – another great experience!  We caught plenty of bonefish and had some more fun with sharks as well.  Andrea caught and lost a huge Lemon shark that straightened the hook after a 45-minute fight.  Later, she caught and released a nice 6-foot Lemon shark.  Another great day fishing with North Andros Fly Fishing!      

Fishing with Philip and Elias the last two years has been incredible – while we have fished only two days each year, we can’t imagine fishing with them a full week.  It seems each time we go it is more memorable than the last.  Catching our fill of bonefish, shark and barracuda, North Andros continues to show us a great time.  We will be back and hopefully next time we can stay for a week and have a shot at some tarpon!











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